Sunday, March 7, 2010

General Update- 100307

Well, its certainly been awhile, and much has happened since my last post.

First, we went through a couple weeks of very cold weather, and several days of freezing temperatures. Though I'm not certain I think it killed one of my grapefruit trees, and possibly damaged a fig. My plums look OK, though only one is currently blooming.

I still have not finished building the rabbit nest boxes for the fryer cages. I have 5 left to build. I'm also concerned that the boxes are not well shaded from the sun. I may need to build a little awning over each... got an idea for it. Just on the South side, I think the North side will be shaded enough. I also found a Champagne De Argent breeder in my neighborhood... pretty cool since they are not a common breed. The breeder has a dairy goat farm so may also be a good source for info.

I told the breeder that I would be looking to place an order this Fall. I think raising them through the Winter will be easier than through our hot Summer. The cost for a breeding pair will be around $100. I will probably decide to breed them in conjunction with the cooler part of the season. Should be a pretty easy life for them.

As I said before my chicken coop is done. A week ago I ordered the chicks and they will be in on March 19th (next Friday) and I will need to go pick them up from the post office. I bought 12 Cochins- 3 each of 4 different colors. I eMailed the breeder and gave specs and he gave me two possible breeds; Cochin and Buff Orpingtons. The Cochins are bantam, and are suppose to be docile, good layers and brooders. I will be building the brooding box and the chicks will live there for 8 weeks until they are big enough to move to the coop. Depending on curcumstances I may build a chicken tractor to move them around the yard a bit. I haven't decided yet.

I have also built two 4'x8' raised beds and placed them in the front yard by the two I already had. I have room for another in that line and then can move away about 3' and start another row. This year it might be just 4-10 beds, we'll see, and now Spring garden. I have missed that train but Gail and I will go select some plants next week and raise what we can. Next year will be different. I will be prepared! I should have a bit of chicken poop too, and maybe some rabbit!

I'll be glad to get the animals placed and move on to work on the house, then on to the aquaponics system. The microfarm must LIVE!!


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