Sunday, October 4, 2009

General Update-091004

I wasn't feeling a hundred percent today so not much got done. I added a a bottom board to the chicken yard because I had it as spare. I will need 4 more. Then I can tack the bottom of the chicken wire to them to keep critters from getting underneath it. I just need to add the ramp into the chicken house, then hang the feeders/waters and it will be ready.

I added some clamp lights to the rabbitry for when needed. I was going to build next boxes but realized that I needed to calculate sizes before beginning otherwise I may have cavernous nest boxes, or squashed rabbits, neither is acceptable. I looked on myn Storey's book on rabbits (the Bible on the subject as far as I'm concerned) and couldn't find it so I will have to research the topic. I think I build for the New Zealand whites which is a medium large rabbit even if I decide to get something else.

I also bought some devices that you plug a 2 liter bottle into for watering. I have placed several in my raised beds adn will watch to see how they do. My first impressions are that they might be more work to constantly refill; that a PVC line might be more suitable, however I will see... they might be most helpful in dry season, or when we are away on vacation.


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