Monday, October 12, 2009

General Update-091012

Interesting news, apparently they project to widen the road I live on is coming. If so it may remove 8-12 feet of my small front yard. Not just remove part of my yard but also deliver a lot more traffic down the road. My understanding is that there is a housing development that will need the increased road size and that will increase the traffic.

The nice thing is that the house allowed us to send Samuel to a great Middle School, and get us out of the city so I can't complain for the reprieve.

So, what do I do?! I was talking to God this morning and though I didn't get a clear word i deffinitely heard, "Seek me first and everything else will come." So, I am still going to think about my options but if they don't pan out I know God will still be taking care of me.


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